Musings on Women’s Cycling


I admit that over the past several months I have tuned out of the women’s cycling movement. It seems like every time I read an article I either don’t understand it or I wonder why we are becoming so contentious and divided. I like what Elly had to say at the end of her latest [...]

Do you Pray?


Do I pray? In a traditional sense, no. I can’t remember the last time I got down on my knees and did any type of prayer asking, thanking, or listening to a higher power. Yet it has been bothering me since a quick study of the most resilient, internally aware, and heartfelt people seem to [...]

Summer Camp for Adventure Kids


I’m not sure about your summer camp experience but mine did not include rock climbing, mountain biking or learning cool survival skills. Kids today have some amazing opportunities to tap into their adventurous side and learn from the pros. One camp I recently came across is Avid4Adventures. They start at Pre-K and go all the [...]

Reflecting on Happiness, Joy and Suffering


Just a few days before Axel died Randy and I were on a date. As usual we took time to discuss and reflect on life. Basically the conversation could be summed up as, life is good. Things were not perfect but we had a stable life with major flexibility and two amazing boys. Our conversation [...]

4 Tips for a Successful Family Bike Ride


What do you think of when you envision riding with your entire family? The dream is that you will all be in a state of family bliss, riding along together at the same pace, wind at your back, kids smiling, and lots of family bonding. The reality is that while that can happen, you need [...]

Find Mindfulness Through Cycling


As cyclists our minds go something like this before a ride, “Where are my shoes? Are my tires aired up? Do I have time for this? Is my Garmin charged? What will I cook for dinner? Do the kids need to be picked up? What was I looking for again?” We go from one activity [...]

Adventures in Moab 10 Years Ago and Today


After spending last week in Moab I was getting a little nostalgic thinking about all the great trips we’ve had there since the late 90s. As with any place, Moab has seen tremendous growth over the past 10 years and it stirs up different feelings. As a mountain biker I am overjoyed with the recent [...]